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Are you aspiring to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Finland? The journey to academic excellence begins with understanding the necessary documents and requirements. Pakrefin is here to guide you through every step of the process, ensuring your successful admission to Finnish universities.

Documents Required

When applying for a bachelor’s program in Finland, two essential documents are required:

  • Intermediate Final Certificate

This certificate validates the successful completion of your intermediate studies. If your intermediate certificate is not yet available, you can use your marksheet as a temporary solution. However, keep in mind that a copy of your final certificate will be necessary by the end of the application process.

  • E-Passport

The e-passport is now mandatory for all applicants. With the Pakistani Government introducing e-passports from 16 August, possessing an e-passport is essential for your application.

Eligibility Criteria

For all candidates irrespective of their academic background, meeting the eligibility criteria is vital. To be eligible for the entrance test exam, you need to have a minimum of 45% marks in your intermediate, O/A Levels, or Diploma qualifications. It’s important to note that the eligibility threshold of 45% is merely a requirement to sit for the entrance exam. Whether you have 45% or 99% marks, your admission does not hinge on these percentages. This criterion merely serves as a key to unlock the opportunity to participate in the entrance exam.

  • HEC Equivalence Certificate: A Crucial Step

If you’re coming from an educational background outside of Finland, obtaining an HEC Equivalence Certificate is crucial. This certificate ensures that your qualifications are recognized and equivalent to the standards set by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

  • Attestation: Validating Your Achievements

As part of the application process, IBCC attestation is required on your Intermediate or O/A Levels Final Certificate. The IBCC attestation adds credibility to your academic achievements, assuring Finnish universities of the authenticity of your qualifications.

Entrance Exam for Finnish Universities

Embarking on the journey of higher education is an exciting endeavor, especially when it involves pursuing your dreams in a foreign land. Finland, renowned for its top-tier education system, beckons students from across the globe to seize this opportunity. To help you navigate the entrance exam process, this guide sheds light on the intricate details of both the first and second phases, ensuring you’re well-prepared and poised for success.

First Phase: Written Exam Unveiled

The first phase of the entrance exam serves as a pivotal stepping stone towards your academic aspirations. Let’s have a look towards the key details that you need to grasp for this phase.

  • Exam Format and Date

The written exam, conducted individually on your computer remotely online, awaits you on 19 October 2023. It’s imperative to familiarize yourself with the instructions to ensure a seamless experience.

  • Exam Sections, Duration, and Scoring

The exam is conducted in English and comprises various sections, each tailored to the study programs you apply for. Completing all relevant sections is essential. Notably, the common sections assess your reasoning and English language skills, while field-specific sections evaluate specialized knowledge. The sum of scores from these sections determines your total score

Specifics of Common Exam Sections

  • Reasoning Skills (25 minutes)

This section gauges your logical reasoning and problem-solving abilities. Your score is influenced by your logical reasoning prowess, and penalty scores apply for wrong answers.

  • English Language Skills (20 minutes)

Reading comprehension and linguistic reasoning are at the forefront of this section. It assesses your mastery of vocabulary and understanding of textual relationships.

Insights into Field-Specific Exam Sections

  • Mathematical Skills (25 minutes)

 Required for fields like Technology, Business Administration, and more, this section examines your basic mathematical prowess, including calculations and geometry.

  • Advanced Mathematical Skills (30 minutes)

If you’re applying for Technology, this section tests your mathematical and physics knowledge. It delves into rational expressions, equations, geometry, and physics concepts.

  • Ethical Skills (10 minutes)

Essential for fields like Social Services and Health Care, this section gauges your ethical awareness and discernment.

  • Emotional Intelligence Skills (10 minutes)

Required for various fields, including Health Care and Sports, this section assesses your emotional intelligence, recognizing and managing emotions.

Second Phase: Group Interview Unveiled

The journey towards your educational aspirations is often accompanied by various phases, each brimming with its unique set of challenges and opportunities. As you traverse the path of academic excellence, the second phase emerges as a crucial juncture, inviting you to explore novel dimensions and showcase your potential. Let’s embark on a journey to uncover the intricacies of this pivotal phase.

  • The Group Interview

Scheduled between 8–10 November 2023, the second phase’s highlight is the group interview. During this discussion, applicants delve into a designated topic. Your oral English skills and interaction abilities are under scrutiny.

  • Evaluation and Identity Verification

The group interview scores range from 8 to 40, with a minimum passing score of 8. Your identity is confirmed during this phase, and adherence to the verification process is vital.

  • Seizing Opportunities with Confidence

As you traverse the first and second phases of the entrance exam, remember that this journey is a testament to your determination and potential. Equipped with insights from this guide, you’re poised to tackle the written exam’s challenges and shine in the group interview. The doors to Finnish universities are opening for you, and with diligent preparation, you’re ready to seize this incredible opportunity.

We’re here to guide you every step of the way. Follow us as we journey together towards academic excellence, and let’s create thriving communities of learners, achievers, and changemakers. Your success is our passion! Feel free to reach out and book a consultation session with us to explore your options and make informed decisions.

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