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Mastering Communication Systems at Tampere University

Have a look to a master’s degree applicant’s story at Tampere University. Facing the challenges of health issues and nervousness during the interview, this student’s determination and honesty become apparent as they successfully secure their student visa.

Appointment date

Decision Time

In progress


University and Program

  • University: Tampere University, Harvanta Campus
  • Degree Program: Communication System and RF
  • Early Bird
  • CGPA 2.87
  • IELTS 6.5

Required Documents

  • Sponsor Letter
  • Employment Letter
  • Six months salary slips
  • Six months Bank statement
  • Remitly money transfer Receipt of all transactions
  • Tax documents and tax return
  • Clarification on Uber earnings
  • Uber Contract + Uber slips
  • Applicant documents: Bs Degree, transcript, FRC, Passport, UAE Visa, Account Maintenance certificate, 2 months Bank statement, Fee payment Confirmation, Swisscare insurance, TOAS Accommodation.


  • Brother, Citizen of Canada
  • Salaried Person

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Let these success stories be your inspiration to take the first step towards your dreams. With determination and preparation, you too can secure your appointment and embark on your journey to success.

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