Masters in Finland
Forging Your Path to Excellence


Setting your sights on a Master’s degree is a transformative stride toward sculpting your destiny. This comprehensive guide outlines the essential requirements, eligibility criteria, admission process, and scholarship opportunities for pursuing a Master’s degree program. Let’s dive into the details that will guide you toward academic success.

Documents Required

When applying for a Masters program in Finland, mark your checklist according to following documents:

  • Bachelor Degree (HEC Attested)

 Your Bachelor’s degree must be attested by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). This attestation is crucial to validate your educational background.

  • Language Proficiency Test Scores (Ielts/PTE/Toefl)

Achieve a minimum of 6.5 bands in IELTS or its equivalent to fulfill the language proficiency requirement.

  • e-Passport

A valid passport is essential for identification and documentation.

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Provide a comprehensive CV showcasing your educational and professional achievements.

  • Video CV

A video presentation allows you to highlight your personality and motivation effectively.

  • Letter of Motivation

Craft a compelling letter explaining your aspirations and motivation for the chosen program.

  • Note: Validating Your Credentials.

Your Bachelor’s degree attestation from the Higher Education Commission (HEC) is a significant step to validate your academic credentials and ensure their authenticity.

Pathways to Pursuit

A minimum of 16 years of education is a prerequisite for Master’s degree programs. If you hold a 2-year Bachelor’s degree, you’re not eligible for a Master’s; however, you can opt for a Bachelor’s program. A combination of 2 years of Bachelor’s and 2 years of Master’s is also acceptable. Notably, the CGPA does not play a determining role in eligibility.

Entrance Exam
An Assignment-Based Approach

Unlike many programs, Master’s admissions do not entail an entrance exam. Instead, universities typically provide an assignment that applicants need to complete successfully. Your performance in this assignment is a crucial factor in the admission decision.

Admission Criteria
Crafting Your Path to Acceptance

Let’s have a look towards the key details that you need to know.

  • Letter of Motivation

 Your letter of motivation holds significant weight in the admission process, reflecting your passion, goals, and alignment with the program.

  • Assignment Evaluation

Successfully completing the university-assigned assignment is a gateway to securing your spot.

  • Language Proficiency

Achieving at least 6.5 bands in IELTS (or its equivalent) showcases your language proficiency.

Your Letter of Motivation holds a substantial 70% influence on the decision, with your IELTS score contributing 20%, and your CGPA weighing in at 10%. Upon application, you’ll receive an email from the university with the assignment to demonstrate your capabilities.

Investing in Your Potential

Scholarships are an invaluable aid in financing your Master’s journey. Universities in Finland offer various scholarships based on eligibility:

  • Finland Scholarship

If granted, you’ll receive a 5,000 euro living expense allowance, along with a 100% waiver of university fees for a year. Continuation to the second year requires achieving 60 credits.

  • University Scholarship

 If awarded, this covers a percentage of the tuition fee (ranging from 50% to 100%), providing substantial financial relief.

Criteria for Scholarships

  • Successful completion of the assigned task.
  • A strong and compelling Letter of Motivation.
  • IELTS score of at least 6.5 bands.

The evaluation revolves around these criteria, ensuring that you present a holistic profile.

Navigating the Path Ahead

Prospective applicants should explore university websites for comprehensive insights into the selection process and specific program requirements. The pursuit of a Master’s degree demands meticulous preparation and dedication.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, entrance exams are not mandatory. Instead, applicants usually complete an assignment provided by the university.

HEC attestation validates the authenticity of your educational credentials, a prerequisite for Master’s admission.

No, individuals with a 2-year Bachelor’s degree are not eligible for Master’s programs but can consider Bachelor’s programs.

A strong Letter of Motivation, successful assignment completion, and an IELTS score of 6.5 bands are crucial.

Yes, scholarships are available for various CGPA ranges, showcasing the commitment to fostering academic excellence.

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