Navigating the Process After Securing Admissions.
A Guide to Student Permit Application in Finland

Congratulations, you’ve successfully secured admission to your dream institution in Finland! Now comes the next crucial step in your journey – applying for a student permit. This guide will walk you through the process, the required documents, sponsorship details, financial requirements, and everything else you need to know to smoothly navigate the student permit application process

Accepting the Study Offer

Once you receive your coveted admission letter from the Finnish Institute, it’s time to formally accept the offer. Respond to the institute, indicating your intention to enroll. This step is essential to move forward with the rest of the process.

Paying the Required Fee

Depending on the institute’s policy, you might need to pay a tuition fee to secure your spot. Make sure to check the specifics regarding payment deadlines and accepted modes of payment. Once the fee is paid, you’ll receive a receipt that will be needed for your student permit application.

Initiating the Student Permit Application

Now that you’ve secured admission and paid the fee, it’s time to start the student permit application process. Here’s what you need to know:

Documents Required

Admission Letter

This document serves as evidence of your acceptance into the institution. Ensure it's up-to-date and clearly states your program details.

Tax Records

Providing your tax records can help validate your financial stability and ability to sustain yourself during your studies.

Money Trail

Present a transparent record of the funds you'll be using to cover your stay and studies in Finland. This could include bank statements, scholarship letters, or other financial documents.


A valid passport is a must. Make sure it's not about to expire during your intended stay in Finland.

Sponsorship Details

One of the unique aspects of studying in Finland is that anyone can be your sponsor. This could be a family member, friend, or even an organization. The sponsor’s role is to provide financial support during your time as a student.

Financial Requirements

Finland has specific financial requirements that you must meet to be eligible for a student permit. As of now, a bank statement with 6833 euros is required. This amount should be available in the main applicant’s bank account.

Permanent Residency in Finland

Embarking on the journey to live and study in Finland is a thrilling endeavor that promises a world of opportunities. As you secure admission to a Finnish university, the next step is obtaining a Student Resident Permit, which serves as your pathway to settling down and thriving in this enchanting Nordic nation. This guide walks you through the intricate process, from booking appointments to submitting applications, all while ensuring a smooth transition to your new life in Finland. Note that Finish embassy is not operational in Pakistan. So, you have to consult with VFS in UAE.

Booking an Appointment with VFS Abu Dhabi Online

To begin with your journey, securing an online appointment with VFS Abu Dhabi is your first vital step. The digital booking system streamlines this procedure for your convenience.

Agent-Assisted UAE Visa

Decide whether you’ll independently navigate the UAE visa application or enlist the support of a trusted agent. Both options have merits; choose one that aligns with your preferences and needs

Documentation for Your VFS Appointment

A crucial phase involves assembling a meticulous array of documents. You can verify your documentation by having a look to a checklist below.

Application for a Student Resident Permit

With your documents in digital form, head to to fill out the application for your student resident permit. Make sure you’re ready to pay the application fee, whether online or at an Abu Dhabi bank.

Journey to Abu Dhabi

Packing your original documents, journey to Abu Dhabi for your VFS appointment. Here, you’ll present your meticulously compiled documentation and await the crucial decision. For more information and queries you can book your consultation.

Application Form Provided at VBS Official

Filling VFS Global form, a crucial companion throughout your application process. This form is like a puzzle, with different pieces that each demand specific and thorough details. We’re here to guide you through it all, breaking down each section, offering clear instructions, and sharing practical insights. Whether you’re new to the process or looking to deepen your understanding, our goal is to make sure you feel confident and equipped as you navigate through the VFS Global form. Let’s uncover every layer and unveil the full potential of this essential tool together.

Details of Your Educational Institution

Provide intricate details about your institution, including name, location, enrolled degree program, its contents, and the reasoning behind your program choice. Elaborate on your chosen university and your post-graduation career path.

Sponsorship Unveiled

Reveal your sponsor’s identity, elucidate your relationship, present deposited funds, transaction specifics, transaction dates, and specify the individual who paid your tuition fee.

Sponsoring Through Salary

If your sponsor is salaried, delve into their job description, salary details, and post-tax income.

Sponsorship Through Business Ventures

For business-sponsored students, detail the nature of the businesses, addresses, emails, and annual business incomes.

Financial Background of the Sponsor

Provide insights into your sponsor’s financial history, including any loans taken.

The Influence of Land Transactions

Explore whether your sponsor’s funds stem from land transactions.

Unveiling Family Dynamics

Share information about your marital status, spouse’s details, children, and dependents.

Addressing Additional Factors

Address any criminal records, previous Schengen visa applications, rejections, past visits to Finland, and the presence of family members residing in Finland.

In conclusion, as you delve into the intricacies of the VFS Global form, you’re not just filling out fields — you’re crafting a crucial piece of your application journey. Every section holds significance, and with our guidance, you can approach each one with clarity and confidence. Remember, this form is more than just a collection of information; it’s a bridge that connects you to your aspirations. By understanding and navigating its nuances, you’re taking a significant step forward in realizing your goals. So, embrace this opportunity, armed with knowledge and insights, as you move ahead in your application process. Your journey is important, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. Moreover you can also book your appointment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Certainly, while online bookings offer convenience, in-person appointments at VFS centers remain an alternative.

Yes, a sponsor is a prerequisite for obtaining a Student Resident Permit in Abu Dhabi.

An affidavit affirms the authenticity of your documents and the veracity of the information provided.

Absolutely, the choice is yours, allowing you to select between and United Insurance.

The unavailability of the Finnish embassy in Pakistan mandates travel to the UAE, where VFS Abu Dhabi facilitates the appointment process.

While processing times vary, a decision can typically be expected within several weeks following the appointment.

The VFS Global form is a comprehensive application document used for various visa and residency processes. It gathers detailed information about the applicant’s background, intentions, and relevant details.

Many online forms allow you to save your progress and return to complete it later. Check the specific guidelines provided on the website to understand whether you can complete the form in multiple sessions.

  1. Once the form is submitted, changes might not be possible. It’s crucial to review all the information carefully before submitting.


The retention period for your form information varies depending on the policies of the consulate or embassy. It’s advisable to check their privacy policy or contact them for specific details.

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